Daulat Takes its Team to The Softball Field

Daulat’s Bay Area Office recently joined the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District Sports (H.A.R.D.) softball league. The office is buddying up on the field with affiliate solar energy company, Better Earth who specializes in the Hayward area.

The Hayward Area Recreation and Park District, known as H.A.R.D., is an independent special use district, and the largest recreation district in the State of California. H.A.R.D. covers the 100 square-mile area of the Californian City of Hayward and some of its bordering communities.

It promotes health, fun, and wellness by providing park and recreation services for over 280,000 residents. While Daulat company members are looking forward to furthering team-building, they are equally excited to engage more deeply with their community.

VP of Daulat, Matt Lerschen, says: “Being located in Hayward and having the opportunity to come together as a team to play against other members of our community sounded like a great idea.”

The Spring/Summer League covers a 10-game season including playoffs for the top four teams. And while that number of games involves a large commitment from the Daulat crew, they’re revved up and ready to go.  

“As a team, we work hard at Daulat to go one step further for our partners and each other,” says Lerschen. “Now we’re going to bring that work ethic onto the diamond. 

Joining the H.A.R.D. softball league is about team spirit, community spirit, and having a lot of fun in the process.”


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